The CAMA Technical Team

  • The CAMA Technical Team provides technical support to the WPiAM related to the content, structure and quality of CAMA Exam questions.

  • We maintain consistency between the CAMA Exam questions and GFMAM Competency Specification for an ISO 55001 Asset Management System Auditor/Assessor.

  • We provide input on exam procedures and systems that may impact on the security or integrity of exam questions and outcomes.

  • We maintain and update exam questions to keep the CAMA Exam relevant and dynamic.

Our Conduct

  • We assure the technical quality of examination question and answer sets.

  • We assure consistency in exam quality across multiple languages including English, French, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish.

  • We assure the security of examination question and answer sets in our care.

  • We monitor and review and evaluate examination procedures for quality improvement purposes as required.

  • We are aligned to and support ISO 17024 – Conformity assessment, General requirements for bodies operating certification of persons.

  • We monitor, reviews and evaluate examination outcomes for quality improvement purposes (including candidate feedback and psychometric results).

  • We monitor changes to GFMAM specification to keep the examination specifications current.

  • We review the GFMAM specification(s) to keep overall CAMA Certification specifications current (with respect to requirements that may not be addressed by the exam)

  • We provide a technical advisory role to the Management Company.

  • We establish, monitor and revise processes to augment the exam question pool.

  • We contribute to the standing rules, policies and procedures related to the Certified Asset Management Assessor program as requested by the Management Company.

  • We contribute to the promotion of the CAMA exam.