World Partner in Asset Management was founded with the sole purpose of giving individuals and organisations an independent tool with which to identify and establish knowledge and comprehension in Asset Management, benchmarked globally, that could be transported across both industry and country.  Part of that vision includes the ability for all individuals to achieve an independent, global accreditation in Asset Management that is appropriate to their career journey.

The Certified Technical Specialist in Asset Management (CTAM) designation level is aimed for those AM practitioners who act as support to CPAM/CSAM-level managers in an AM System.  These are proficient staff responsible for effective and competent technical application of aspects of a domain (such as those responsible for planning and implementation of elements of project management; operations and maintenance; cost accounting; and systems support).

Who issues the CTAM Certification?

World Partners in Asset Management has endorsed three Partner Organisations to issue the CTAM Certification on our behalf.  If you’re ready to apply (you have a successful CTAM exam result or equivalent), click your chosen Partner logo below.

Pemac logo

What are the prerequisites for the Certification?

The CTAM Certification requires three components for a successful outcome:

  1. Knowledge component (Technical Specialist exam or equivalent);
  2. A relevant qualification – please see a list of currently endorsed qualifications here;
  3. Minimum two years’ work experience in Asset Management, successfully demonstrated by completing their Professional Profile with their chosen Certifying Partner.

There are two pathways available for achieving your CTAM knowledge component:

  1. The CTAM Exam. Arguably the easiest, most simple way to successfully demonstrate your knowledge. Candidates book their exam online via the WPiAM website after creating their WPiAM account.
  2. A deep dive into all of a candidate’s work experience, accumulated knowledge including RPL and prior accreditation.

To read the full CTAM Designation Level Specification, please click here.