Name :
Craig Scott
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Qualification Name :
Bachelor Of technology Degree in Mechatronics 1998
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Industry Experience

Industry Sector Key Asset Classes
Construction 3 years, Air conditioning Equipment, Buildings and Infrastructure, Cables, Earthworks, Motors, Switchgear, Switchboards, Heating and Lighting,
Manufacturing 4 years - Cables, CMMS Systems, Conveyer Systems, Gear boxes, Heaters, Instrumentation, Machinery, Materials handling systems, Monitoring Systems, Motors, Robots, Safety Systems, Sorting Equipment,
Mining, Quarrying and Oil/Gas Extractions 15 years - cables, CMMS systems, Corrosion Control systemsCondensers, Coling towers, Boilers, Filters, Fire Fighting Systems, Fume Extraction, Genraration Equipment Heat Exchangers, Heaters, Instrumentation, Motors, Pipeleines, Plant, Pressure Equipment, Process Equipment, Pumping and distibution, Refineries, Refridgeration Equipment, Reservoirs, Rotating Equipment, Safety Systems, Speration Equipment, Ship Berths, Steam and Utility systems, Substation Equipment, Sumps, Switchgear, Tanks and VEssels, Transformers, Transmissions and Distribution, Treatment Plants, Turbines, Valves, Ventilation equipment, Vessels, Welding, Wharves and Jetties, WHinches
Other Services BAA 2yrs, Pharmaceuticals 2yrs - Agitators, Air Conditioning Equipment, Bins Hoppers, Biomedical Equipment, Blowers, Boilers, Bulk Material Handling, Burners, Cables, Centrifuges, CMMS Systems, Clarifier, Compressor, Condensers, Conveyer Systems, Cooling Towers, Corrosion Control Systems, Dryers, Engines, Evaporators, Filters, Fire Fighting Systems, CCTV and Access Control systems, Gear Boxes, Fume Extraction and Dust Control, Generation Equipment, Heat Exchangers, Incinerators, Instrumentation, Manufacturing Plant, Mills, Mixers, Monitoring Systems, Motors, Piplines, Pressure Equipment, Process Equipment, Pumping and Distribution, Reclaimers, Refridgeration Equipment, Safety Systems, Seperation Equipment, Stormwater, Substation Equipment, Sumps, Switchgear, Tanks and Vessels, Valves, Ventilation Equipment, Water and Sewarage pipelines,
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