Name :
Eduardo Somoano
Organisation :
Country :
CAMA Certificant Since :
CAMA Expiry Date :
Member of :
Asset Management Council (Australia)
Qualification Name :
Bachelor of Engineering Industrial Management & Control 2019

Industry Experience

Industry Sector Key Asset Classes
Mining, Quarrying and Oil/Gas Extractions 16yrs-Train unloading and Concentrate Handling, , Fluid Bed Roaster and Rotary Kilns,, Gas Cleaning and Sulphuric, Acid Manufacturing plant, , Zinc Concentrate Leaching and Purification plant, , Copper/Cadmium Cake production plant, , Zinc Electrolysis plant, , Ingot Casting & Zinc Dust Production plant, , Agitators, Multistage crushing (Jaw, Gyratory,
Wood Product Manufacturing 4yrs-Wood chipping and sawmill equipment, High pressure pulp digesters, Chlorine gas manufacturing and pulp bleaching plant, Paper machines, Paper finishing and packaging equipment, High pressure steam boilers and Steam turbines, Direct Alkali Caustic recovery systems, Wet Air caustic recovery systems, Waste Water Treatment and
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