Eric-Kingkof Kofi Opoku-ohemeng

Name :
Eric-Kingkof Kofi Opoku-ohemeng
Member of :
Qualification Name :
3yrs - CMMS systems, Monitoring Systems 2020
Other Related Achievements :
IAM Registered Asset Management Professional, IAM Certificate, IAM Fellow Member

Industry Experience

Industry Sector Key Asset Classes
Construction 20yrs - Bridge & highway infrastructure, Building & Infrastructure, Reservoirs, Roads/highways, Tunnels, Monitoring Systems
Educational Services 6yrs - Bridges and highway infrastructure, Roads/highways
Mining, Quarrying and Oil/Gas Extractions 3yrs - CMMS systems, Monitoring Systems
Professional, Scientific and Technical Services 7yrs - CMMS systems, Communication equipment
Utilities 5yrs - Sewage systems, Water and sewerage pipelines, waste water infrastructure
Other Services 3yrs - Commercial facility and Sports Stadium