Name :
Eric Vande Hei
Organisation :
Emerson Automation Solutions
Country :
United States
CAMA Certificant Since :
CAMA Expiry Date :
Member of :
Society for Maintenance & Reliability Professionals
Qualification Name :
ECV CAMA Qualification 2020
Other Related Achievements :
PMI - PMP certification CMRP

Industry Experience

Industry Sector Key Asset Classes
Educational Services 1 yr - University facilities, buildings/infrastructure, CMMS systems
Health Care and Social Assistance 1 yr - Pharmaceutical labs and production, CMMS systems
Manufacturing 3 yrs - Industrial refrigeration, water treatment, food packaging, material handling, building/infrastructure
Mining, Quarrying and Oil/Gas Extractions 5 yrs - Offshore drilling rigs, upstream wellsites, refinery, petrochem, CMMS systems
Primary Metal Manufacturing 2 yr - Heavy machine manufacturing and CNC precision parts machining
Professional, Scientific and Technical Services 15 yrs - CMMS systems, M&R Implementations/consulting
Utilities 2 yrs - Power generation (gas, wind, steam, switchyards), CMMS systems
Wood Product Manufacturing 1yr - Paper machinery and utilities, CMMS systems
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