Heinrich Vorster

Name :
Heinrich Vorster
Member of :
Society for Maintenance & Reliability Professionals
Qualification Name :
1. Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) (1980), 2. Masters of Business Administration (1994),
Other Related Achievements :

Industry Experience

Industry Sector Key Asset Classes
Mining, Quarrying and Oil/Gas Extractions 20yrs-Pressure Vessels (Columns/Strippers/Reactors etc), Pumps, Agitators, Tanks, Crushers, Pipelines, Valves, Compressors, Electrical Switchgear, Transformers, Motors, Cooling Towers, Cranes, Conveyors, Heat Exchangers, Instrumentation, Control Systems
Utilities 1yrs-Water and Waste Water Treatment
Other Services 1yrs-Facilities Management, Elevators, Fire Systems, HVAC/Ventilation systems