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James Reyes-Picknell
Organisation :
Conscious Asset
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CAMA Certificant Since :
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Industry Experience

Industry Sector Key Asset Classes
Administrative and Support and Waste Management and Remediation Services 1year - Metal recycling operations, waste management / recycling facilities
Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting 4yrs - Forest products harvesting, transport, sawmills, pulp and paper mills, converting plants
Educational Services 12yr - Teaching (University school of continuing studies), PEMAC MMP
Manufacturing 8yrs - Automotive (tier 1 and 2), white goods, packaging
Mining, Quarrying and Oil/Gas Extractions 18yrs - Open pit, surface, underground mining. Ore processing plants. Oil and gas field gathering and consolidating equipment, processing / refining, pipelines
Postal Service 2 year - High speed sorting equipment, sorting plants
Primary Metal Manufacturing 3yrs - Integrated steel mills, galvanizing and cold rolling
Public Administration 14yr - Military systems (Naval) / shipbuilding / ship systems engineering
Transporting and Warehousing 1 year - Distribution cross-docking facilities, fleet equipment
Utilities 8yrs - Electric power generation equipment, transmission and distribution
Wood Product Manufacturing 1yr - Furniture manufacture
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