Johan Serfontein

Name :
Johan Serfontein
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Batchelor & Master degrees in Mechanical Engineering (BEng & MEng Mechanical), 1994 , 2000
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Industry Experience

Industry Sector Key Asset Classes
Administrative and Support and Waste Management and Remediation Services 1 yrs - CMMS Systems, Transportation assets, Bins and hoppers, Separation equipment, Waste management, Recycling facilities, Vehicles & Fleet equipment
Educational Services 1 yr - CMMS Systems, Communication Equipment, Computers & Monitoring systems
Manufacturing 3yrs - CMMS Systems, Machinery, Kilns, Cranes, Manufacturing plant, Engines, Motors, Welding, Transformenrs, Boilers, Switchgear, Substation equipment, Mills, Mixers, Mobile equipment, Pressure equipment, Materials handling, Instrumentation, Incinerators, Loaders, Storage/distibution, Robots & Safety systems
Mining, Quarrying and Oil/Gas Extractions 3yrs - CMMS Systems, Excavators, Engines, Earthworks, Drilling equipment, Crushing/screening plant, Conveyor systems, Refrigeration equipment, Pumping and distribution, Pipelines, Process equipment, Ventilation equipment, Tunnels, Valves, Tanks and vessels, Compressors, Refineries, Blowers, Valves, Reservoirs, Monitoring systems, Motors, Silos, Safety systems, Rotating equipment, Filters, Loaders, Towers, Pressure equipment, Boilers, Machinery, Fume extraction & Instrumentation
Professional, Scientific and Technical Services 22 yrs – CMMS Systems, CMMS/EAM consultation, CMMS/EAM Training Facilitation, CMMS/EAM Workflow process design & implementation, EAM Functional & Technical Specifications, CMMS/EAM Reporting & KPI Design, CMMS/EAM Sales
Transporting and Warehousing 2 yrs - CMMS Systems, Storage/distribution on plant, Materials handling systems, Rotating equipment
Utilities 8 yrs - CMMS Systems, Generation equipment, Instrumentation, Monitoring systems, Motors, Transmission and Distribution assets, Switchgear, Rotating equipment, Safety systems, Steam and Utility systems, Substation equipment, Ventilation equipment, Turbines, Evaporators, Compressors, Condensers & Cooling towers