Name :
Paul Bamforth
Member of :
Asset Management Council
Qualification Name :
CMRP 2018
Other Related Achievements :

Industry Experience

Industry Sector Key Asset Classes
Manufacturing 7 years exposure to manufacturing, food processing and pharmaceuticals in Australia, Asia Pacific and North America. Implement maintenance strategy management system and facilitate maintenance strategy reviews for various asset classes (Electrical, A&I and Mechanical). Systems facilitated include printing facilities, baking, confectionary, meat products, dairy products, manufacture of A/C units, pharmaceuticals. Asset Classes include tablet presses, chemical and bio-treatment systems, HVAC boilers, ovens, agitators, vessels, conveying, packaging, robotics, pneumatic systems, lubrication systems, pumps, motors, fans, blowers, valves, lifting equipment, electrical distribution systems, instrumentation, safety systems, generators, water supply and treatment systems.
Mining, Quarrying and Oil/Gas Extractions 7 years exposure to mining in Australia and Africa (Coal/Copper/Gold/Manganese). Facilitate RCA and Maintenance Strategy reviews (electrical and mechanical) for extraction, storage, handling, processing and treatment systems and their Asset Classes. 2 years exposure to Oil and Gas in the Middle East, Brunei and New Zealand. Conduct criticality assessment training and strategy review workshop. Plan and implement maintenance strategy management system, planning system and investigation management system. Facilitated maintenance strategy review for compressors, fans, blowers, pumps and motors.
Primary Metal Manufacturing 2 years exposure to Australian and New Zealand Steel Industry manufacturers. Providing support and training for maintenance strategy management system and management of data flows to and from SAP. Implement process mapping to identify critical production assets.
Utilities 7 years exposure to Power Generation (Hydro/Gas/Diesel and Coal plants), Gas Pipelines, Water Supply and Treatment facilities. Facilitate maintenance strategy reviews for the majority of asset classes (electrical and mechanical), including Ancillary and Auxiliary systems.
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