Name :
Peter Schurmann
Member of :
Asset Management Council (Australia)
Qualification Name :
B.Eng 1998
Other Related Achievements :
AM Council Certification - CAAM AM Council Certification - CPAM

Industry Experience

Industry Sector Key Asset Classes
Management of Companies and Enterprises 3yrs-CMMS systems, Consulting (Asset Management, Planned Maintenance Optimisation, Reliability Centered Maintenance, Risk Management, Investigation Management, Change Management, Implementation Engineering)
Professional, Scientific and Technical Services 18yrs-Agitators, Air conditioning equipment, Automotive stamping, Bins and hoppers, Biomedical equipment, Blowers, Boilers, Buildings and Infrastructure, Bulk materials handling, Burners ,Cables, Calendars, Centrifuges, Chippers, Clarifiers, CMMS systems, Communication equipment, Compressors, Condensers ,Conveyor systems ,Cooling
Wood Product Manufacturing 2yrs-Agitators,Bins and hoppers,Centrifuges ,Chippers,Clarifiers,CMMS Systems, Feeders, Fume extraction and dust control, Gear boxes, Instrumentation, Machinery Manufacturing plant, Mills, Monitoring systems, Motors, Plant, Safety systems, Screening systems, Steam and utility systems, Valves
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