Robert Kijak

Name :
Robert Kijak
Member of :
Qualification Name :
CRL (AMP Certification) 2016
Other Related Achievements :
CPEng(Aust), REPQ (Qld, Aust) CPAM

Industry Experience

Industry Sector Key Asset Classes
Administrative and Support and Waste Management and Remediation Services 15yrs-Municipal waste collection (vehicles), Municipal waste landfill design, operation and remediation, Waste sorting and recycling assets, Anaerobic digesters, Hazardous waste treatment facilities, Waste incineration facilities, contaminated land remediation
Construction 10yrs-EPC projects (design & engineering)
Information 2yrs-Data and information management, cloud computing, predictive analytics
Management of Companies and Enterprises 10yrs-Comopany unit director, Management Team member
Manufacturing 5yrs-Environmental performance assessment, 5yrs - Supply chain management
Mining, Quarrying and Oil/Gas Extractions 15yrs-Resource extraction , Resource processing assets, Crushing/screening plants, Mining waste management infrastructure, Bulk material handling and stockpiling, Conveyor systems
Professional, Scientific and Technical Services 30 yrs-Public and private sector, Australia and Poland
Transporting and Warehousing 5yrs-Regulated waste transportation (vessels and vehicles), Dangerous goods handling and transportation (vessels and vehicles)
Utilities 15yrs-Water collection (dams), treatment, transmission and distribution assets (pumping assets), Wastewater treatment, transmission (pipelines) and collection assets, Post-treatment residue storage and handling (vessels and plants)