CAMA Recertification

Recertification of CAMA assures the public the certificant’s credential in asset management knowledge and comprehension remain current.

The certificant will receive an email notification on recertification starting from 6 months prior the expiry of the current certificate. It is the responsibility of each certificant to update personal detail such as email address and contact number in their WPiAM account, and to be aware of the expiration date of their certification and to know when to apply for recertification.

Recertification Requirement

Demonstrating continued competence in asset management knowledge and comprehension globally through a variety of professional development activities is required to maintain CAMA certifications. Over a 3 (three) year period, CAMA certificants are required to fulfill the following requirements to obtain recertification.

  1.  Achieve 50 hours Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in two or more accepted activities. See CAMA Guide for Completing CPD.
  2. Update your Professional Profile. Please refer to the Guide for Completing Professional Profiles

Application Process:

  • Applications are accepted from 6 months before the end of current certification cycle up to the expiry date of certificate.
  • Applications received after the expiry date of certificate are accepted in exceptional circumstances and only if the recertification requirements are met.
  • Application received 28 days after the expiry date of certificate will not be accepted. The applicant will need to retake and pass the CAMA exam to re-gain certification.
  • The WPiAM Certification Administration Office will validate the application. If further information required, the applicant will be notified accordingly and will need to respond as soon as possible.
  • The WPiAM Certification Committee is the responsible party that verifies and provides approval on recertification applications.
  • Please allow a maximum of 45 days from the date of application is submitted, for recertification to be approved and new certification date to be issued.

Fee Schedule (Non Refundable):

Fee Schedule
Recertification Fee – from 1st January 2024USD 150