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Please find in the calendar below, the upcoming Certified in Asset Management Assessor (CAMA) exams hosted by World Partners in Asset Management, our Member Organisations and Recognised Training Programs. All of these exams are conducted with our remote proctoring service.

For those wishing to undertake the CAMA Exam face to face, if you cannot see an exam in your region or country listed in the calendar, please read below the process for registering for the certification exam dependent on your region and associated Member Organisation.

If you cannot see an upcoming exam scheduled in your region or country, please read below the following processes relevant to your region.

CAMA EXAM IN CANADA: In Canada, CAMA Exams are offered through PEMAC Asset Management Association of Canada proctored sessions. To find out more and to register to take the CAMA exam in Canada, contact PEMAC at

CAMA EXAM IN THE ARABIAN GULF: GSMR host the CAMA Exam on behalf of World Partners in Asset Management across the Gulf States. If you are in this region and wish to sit the CAMA Exam, please contact GSMR at+973 17 180 398 or email or visit their website:

CAMA EXAM IN JAPAN: JAAM hosts the CAMA Exam on behalf of World Partners in Asset Management across Japan. These exams run twice a year with all registrations and enquiries to be made directly through JAAM at

Please Note – all exams are in Australian Eastern Time