WPiAM has assessed certain certificates as being equivalent to the knowledge component of the CAMA Certificate, meaning if you have any of the following certificates, you do not need to take the CAMA Exam to apply for the CAMA Certification.

If you have one of the following certificates that was issued after 2018, and five+ years working experience in Asset Management, you may be eligible to apply for the CAMA Certification via Equivalency.

If your equivalent certificate is more than six months old, you’ll need to show Continuing Professional Development (CPD) from the date of your equivalent certificate to the date you apply for the CAMA Certification.  WPiAM requires fifty (50) hours of CPD per three years (pro rata).  You can view the Guide for CPD to assist you in this process.

To apply for CAMA via Equivalency, please create your WPiAM account and choose the option to apply for CAMA via Equivalency.

Equivalent Certificates:


PEMAC Asset Management Association of Canada AMP1-5 & 1-6/PEMAC CAMP

IPWEA – Professional Certificate in Asset Management Planning AND IPWEA – Integrating Asset Management & Governance (both certificates are required – you can merge your two PDFs into one to upload to your WPiAM account by using this online Adobe tool)

The Institute of Asset Management “IAM”Certificate

 All CAMA Certificants must have a minimum of five years’ working experience in Asset Management, and demonstrate this by uploading their current CV and Professional Profile.