WPIAM Certified Cama Register

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Andrew Murdy
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Asset Management Council (Australia)
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Industry Experience

Industry Sector Key Asset Classes
Mining, Quarrying and Oil/Gas Extractions 8 Years Mining (overlaps with primary metal). Grinding mills, crushers, large electric motors, tanks and vessels, pressure equipment, haul trucks, shovels, production drills, flotation equipment, piping and linings in aggressive environments, blowers, hoppers, screens (vibrating and rotating), hydro cyclones, conveyors, cooling towers.
Primary Metal Manufacturing 9 years Minerals processing and primary metals (overlaps with mining), leaching and smelting equipment, leach tanks, filter presses, slurry pumps, furnaces, electrorefining equipment, cathode preparation and strip machines, CMMS, burners, gravity separators, gearboxes.
Utilities 9 years in Power Generation. hydro turbines (Francis and Kaplan), Gas and diesel generators. Switchgear, large transformers, oil pumps and hydraulic systems, large journal bearings, hoists, large water pumps, industrial control systems, high voltage conductors, large circuit breakers, dry type transformers, air compressors, CMMS, dams, heat exchangers, .
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