WPIAM Certified Cama Register

Name :
Pravin Mahadeo
Organisation :
City Of Grande Prairie
Country :
CAMA Certificant Since :
CAMA Expiry Date :
Member of :
Other Related Achievements :

Industry Experience

Industry Sector Key Asset Classes
Manufacturing 2; Chemical preparation plant; Boilers; Compressors; Cooling Towers; DRyers; Engines; Pumping and distribution; Firefighting systems; Motors; Engines; Monitoring systems; Sewage systems; Switchgear; Transformers; valves; Water and wastewater infrastructure; Gear Boxes; heat exchangers; manufacturing plant; Instrumentation; Refrigeration equipment; Welding
Public Administration 1.5; CMMS Systems, Building and Infrastructure; Refrigeration Equipment; Safety Systems; HVAC equipment; tanks and vessels; valves;
Other Services Hospitality - 4.5; Boilers; Fire Fighting systems; A/C equipment; Elevators; Chemical preparation; Pumping and distribution; Motors; Treatment plants; Motors;
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