Apply for Global Certification through SMRP

If you have any enquiries about applying for Global Certification in your region, please contact SMRP via

Having your knowledge, skills and experience in asset management recognised against a global standard offers numerous and extensive benefits along your professional asset management journey.

For individuals, the key benefits of achieving global certification are:

  • Global recognition of your asset management knowledge, skills and experience achieved via varied pathways
  • Increased job opportunities
  • Builds your network through engagement and events at your local Society
  • Transportable across industry and career roles
  • Provides a clear pathway to advancement and increased earning potential
  • Global transferability of recognition across industries and countries

There are three designation levels that an individual can achieve within the Global Certification Scheme.

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The information submitted below will be shared with both World Partners in Asset Management and your Certifying Organisation. Once received, your certifying organisation will be in touch with you regarding your application.